Green Galaxy Cricket Ground Gurgaon

Green Galaxy Cricket Ground is a Cricket Ground in Gurgaon.

Type of Cricket Ground –
Outdoor / Open Natural Ground

How Big Is Cricket Ground –
Well Maintained ground with 55 – 60 m boundaries and we’ll maintained turf wickets with indoor parking and other amenities

Type Of Wicket –
Outdoor / Open Natural Ground

Does the Ground have lights for night cricket matches?

Cricket Ground Fees : – 
Rs.15,000/- Full Day For Weekday
Rs.8,000/- 1st Slot For Weekday
Rs.7,000/-2nd Slot For Weekday
Rs/23,000/- Full Day For Weekend
Rs.10,000/- 1st Slot For Weekend 
Rs.8,000/- 2nd Slot For Weekend
Rs.7,000/- 3rd Slot For Weekend 

What all Facilities are available on the Ground?
Toilet, parking, drinking water, music system, pavilion

How Many Nets does the Ground have –
0 Nets

Address of Green Galaxy Cricket Ground in Gurgaon–
Green Galaxy Cricket Ground, Kadarpur Near CRPF Camp, Gurgaon.

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For Good Cricketers Team

Full Day (Weekday)

Rs.15,000/- Full Day for Weekday
₹15000Book Now

1st Slot (Weekday)

Rs.8,000/- Weekday 1st Slot
₹8000Book Now

2nd Slot

Rs.7,000/- Weekday 2nd Slot
₹7000Book Now

Weekend Full Day

Rs.23,000/- Full Day For Weekend
₹23000Book Now

Weekend 1st Slot

Rs.10,000/- For Weekend 1st Slot
₹10000Book Now

Weekend 2nd Slot

Rs.8,000/- Weekend 2nd Slot
₹8000Book Now

Weekend 3rd Slot

Rs.7,000/- Weekend 3rd Slot
₹7000Book Now

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