14th Viva Interschool Tournament: Vibgyor High’s Successful Cricket Tournament

Vibgyor High School organized a splendid interschool cricket tournament for U-14 boys where a total of 16 teams competed. The 14th Vibgyor Viva-Interschool Cricket Tournament 2022-23 was a part of the infamous Viva sports fest of Vibgyor where 14 sports were played. From 19th to 21st December, the cricket tournament was played in the enthralling and entertaining T-10 format with a red ball.

All games were captured on the Cricketgraph Mobile App so the students, teachers, higher authorities and numerous other people could enjoy the action-packed match highlights on Cricketgraph’s YouTube channel. 

With 16 teams, the tournament was in a knock out format making it a winner takes all competition providing the viewers with dramatic battles. After 14 games, Oxford Public School and Vibgyor Malad East faced each other in the finals. After 20 overs of intense cricket, Oxford Public School prevailed and won the 14th Viva Interschool Cricket Tournament as Vibgyor Malad East settled for second best after a competitive campaign. 

The coordinators of the tournament namely, Mr. Amol Menezes, Mr. Munish Vishwakarma and Ms. Najuka Davane did a commendable job on organising such an exciting event. The 14th Vibgyor Viva-Interschool Cricket Tournament 2022-23 games are available on Cricketgraph’s YouTube channel.

Oxford vs Vibgyor: Finals of the 14th Viva-Interschool Cricket Tournament

Cricketgraph’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CricketGraph

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